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Top: Lecture in progression; Middle: Appreciative audience; Bottom: Tao Lin and Dr. Catherine Lan with Edmund H. Chow, CEO, MBAConcert Fine Arts Foundation (middle) in the reception following the lecture. 

A Day with Historical Performance on Record

May 23, 2009   - “A Day with Historical Performance on Record” was held at Oriental Riverside Hotel, Shanghai on May 23, 2009, which was organized by MBAConcert Fine Arts Foundation. Over 130 members of MBAConcert Club and local music lovers from the communities of business, university and professional gathered and cherished this spectacular classical music event.

Mr. Tao Lin, an American pianist and professor of Conservatory of Music at Lynn University of Florida, USA gave a unique and fascinating lecture on historical performing arts on record. “I was amazed professor Lin’s extensive knowledge over the big spectrum of music and music performing arts history. He is not only a great pianist but also a very good music historian. You wouldn’t see many like him in China even in the music professionals. He is a true MUICIAN!” said Professor Xianglin Zhou, Dean at Shanghai Conservatory of Music after the event. “It was a magnificent classical music festival for music lovers. It is very useful and healthy to have a full brain massage with classical music after a full and busy week. You don’t get this kind of magnitude anywhere else in Shanghai”, added by Edmund Chow, Chairman of MBAConcert Fine Arts Foundation, “We try to provide a great musical Spa to the people who love music and care about their brain and mind health.”

The seven hours long event included music lecture, gourmet dinner buffet, musical DVD with great sound system, live jazz band and networking section.

The event was supported by Shanghai Oriental Riverside Hotel, Proximity Magazine and Svenson Hair Care Centre.

 - by Annie Chen, MBAConcert Fine Arts Foundation

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